It all started with a zoom call…

As much as the pandemic hurt so many of our lives and business, there are a few good take-aways. One being the fact that we were forced to host virtual events since we couldn’t be in person. 

Many equestrian professionals and business owners were looking for ways to connect with other equestrians since we couldn’t interact in real life. I was definitely one of those people so I decided to join an online networking event for equestrian businesses. 

On the call we had the opportunity to meet equestrians from across the country. Little did I know that but showing up to a zoom meeting, I would meet some of my most loyal clients. 

One of those clients being Emily from MayBabes Equestrian. Emily was in the process of getting a patent approved for her innovative equestrian riding pants. She had been working tirelessly to perfect her pants and solve an ongoing problem in the equine industry- underwear and breeches (not a good combo)

Emily had developed riding pants with built in underwear that allowed equestrians to ride freely without the discomfort or distraction of underwear. I was drawn to Emily’s passion and desire to create and I knew I wanted to work with her!

We started talking and instantly clicked. There is something about working with like-minded equestrians that fills me with joy and makes me want to do everything in my power to help them. We worked together to create photos that showcased her new products and she launched her brand into the world in May of 2021! 

Since then Emily has continued to grow the May Babes brand with new innovative products including the GG Technical Top which features built in earbud pockets and cord holders, which is featured in our most recent photoshoot in Wellington, Florida.

Working with Emily over the years has been so rewarding. I love watching her brand grow and expand into the equine industry! 

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